Michelle Renee Lane, Bram Stoker Award Nominated Speculative Fiction Writer

Michelle Renee Lane writes dark speculative fiction about identity politics and women of color battling their inner demons while falling in love with monsters. Her work includes elements of fantasy, horror, romance, and occasionally erotica. Her short fiction appears in several anthologies. Her Bram Stoker Award nominated debut novel, Invisible Chains (2019), is available from Haverhill House Publishing.

Born and raised in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, Michelle spent countless hours of her youth obsessed with the occult and consumed by vampire fiction. She climbed into strangers’ cars, explored abandoned buildings seeking secret passageways to hidden worlds, taught herself to read Tarot cards, and consulted the dead with a Ouija board. Michelle’s first and subsequent heartbreaks have given her much material for her cautionary tales about the perils of falling in love with monsters. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.


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  • “Women in Horror: Expanding the Horror Canon”, with Jewelle Gomez, University of Pittsburgh Library System Horror Studies Webinar Series

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Medium: https://medium.com/@chellane
Speculative Chic: https://speculativechic.com/author/chellane72/


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